Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Sterling-Rice Group brought the American potatoes. Now where’s the beef?

-Edelman Deportivo will close its Stockholm office after seeing a big financial loss over the past year.


-Pernod Ricard thinks it can handle its own media buying, thank you very much.

-Go ahead, read another piece about what Mark Read needs to do to get out of Martin Sorrell’s shadow.

-Anomaly is the latest agency to announce a gender equality in advertising initiative, meaning all sexism is over, the end.

-Google and Mastercard cut a deal to track the stuff you buy with your credit card. Someone tell QAnon.

-What can you expect from a career in copywriting? Addiction… to the craft, of course!

-A new report found that Philip Morris and other tobacco companies used influencer marketing to recruit new smokers and failed to disclose. They’ve denied it.

-Coca-Cola spent a whole shitload of money on Costa Coffee.