Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-It’s Friday, the weather is pretty nice in New York, and Serviceplan made this Spotify-style campaign featuring lots of musical puppies. Who doesn’t love puppies?!

-The Martin Agency named group creative director Danny Robinson to fill the new role of chief client officer.

-72andSunny New York created a line of (fake) resort wear to make light of the fact that many seem to think maternity leave is some kind of vacation.


-What does Pepsi really need to refresh its brand? New cans featuring Michael Jackson and Ray Charles.

-London mayor Sadiq Khan is turning out to be a real Bloomberg, what with the banning of junk food ads on public buses.

-VML’s “pillcase prison” print work about opioid addiction is pretty great.

-Verizon CCO Andrew McKechnie talked to Digiday about how his art teacher told him he wasn’t very good and he “identif[ies] as Asian” after spending several years of his childhood in Singapore.

-As expected, digital ad spending surpassed TV last year. More sponsored lenses it is!