Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-PPK learns to speak dolphin for the Florida Lottery, reminds us of this legal drama.

-Grey and the 3 Percent Conference are adding a question about diversity to every creative brief. Even Applebees…

-Oh hey, did you hear that Tom Goodwin wrote a book? He also has some thoughts on your so-called “innovation labs.”


-FCB Inferno found partner Tim Doust is leaving after more than 17 years.

-McCann Birmingham (England, not Alabama) won the business of, which describes itself as a “blockchain-based job matching platform.”

-Denver-based Amélie Company hired Julie Suntrup as executive vice president. Here’s a Q&A with the new exec, who previously worked at AB InBev, Switch and VML.

-Deluxe Corporation picked Minneapolis-based Nina Hale as its media agency of record after a review.

-How will Facebook’s latest move away from third-party data affect your media agency friends? WELL THAT ALL DEPENDS.