Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Y&R Austin launched a new campaign for Reliant Energy (video above).

-Unilever rejected Kraft Heinz’s $143 billion takeover bid, claiming that it had been undervalued.

Alex Lopez of Nike talks to LBB about the inspiration behind that W+K “Equality” spot.


-Atomic creative partner Dave Henderson thinks the brief needs to evolve. Won’t someone think of the dead trees?

-Samsung CEO Jay Y. Lee was arrested for his alleged involvement in the corruption scandal surrounding former South Korean president Park Geun-hye. Lee is being accused of bribery.

-Trump supporters are boycotting Meetup for its launch of a #Resist group.

-Business Insider’s “30 best people in advertising to follow on Twitter” listicle includes several individuals who do not work in advertising. And Faris.

-Ralph Lauren hired former Vice and BBH strategist Jonathan Bottomley as its first chief marketing officer.

-Has anyone been able to make it through Zuckerberg’s 5,500 word manifesto?