Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Mekanism’s latest for Muscle Milk reminds us that ladies have ’em too.

-In case you haven’t heard enough of the word “Trump” lately, an unnamed New York creative came up with Dear Donnie, a service that will let you tweet at the President-Elect without actually joining that awful network.

-Another one: S.F. copywriter Jacque Vavroch created “Tear Away Trump,” a 1,462 page digital calendar designed to “help us cope ’til 2021.”


-Now, a serious request: we would love to see any pro-Trump projects created by people who work in the ad industry. We know he has some fans in agency land, and the tip box is to your right.

-All this aside, brands that sponsor the inauguration will be fine.

-In other news, a copywriter confesses to Digiday: “People get promoted for agreeing with the boss.” Is this a new thing?

-Battery creative director Raymond Hwang explains “How to be ageless in advertising.”

-Colorado agency TDA_Boulder collaborated with Colorado Kind to create three strains of cannabis for agency creatives, strategists and technologists as part of a promotional campaign for the Denver Ad Club’s The Fifty award show.