Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-RPA launched its latest spot featuring Jeff Goldblum as Brad Bellflower, “Apartment Alert” (video above).

Colle+McVoy launched a new design firm called 10 Thousand Design in Minneapolis. Clients include Target and Invisalign. 

-What has been smelled can never be un-smelled: Adweek tests the Nosulus Rift.

-The Drum is holding a Dogerati vote to crown the top dog in marketing for National Dog Day.

-Flixel shares “5 Ways to Use Cinemagraphs in Digital Marketing Campaign.”

EpiPen explains why its prices went up: marketing expenses, of course.

The Coal Project helps news orgs identify their very best commenters. Can we vote for all you guys?

-The Drum explains “Why Ryan Lochte might unintentionally be the best ambush marketer from Rio 2016.”