Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-mcgarrybowen created a spot for Aussie that (very lightly) mocks Olympics-themed ads.

-Some dude who made an app says “anonymous comments allow people to be more honest.” Surely you agree.

-Speaking of anonymity, someone on the Ruby Tuesday earnings call pretended to be Charlie Sheen’s character from “Wall Street” and asked about that damned gorilla.


-Activewear brand Lululemon has “chosen [small indie agency] Red & Co on a project basis to collaborate with the brand and help to further define lululemon’s evolving brand story.”

-It’s the end of retail as we know it, and I feel fine: J.C. Penney reported “a smaller loss” the day after Macy’s announced plans to close 100 stores across the country.

-R/GA tech director Anthony Baker talks about “the business smarts” behind Pokemon Go, which still hasn’t managed to save Nintendo.

-The game you’re already tired of hearing about isn’t just a flash in the pan. Get used to it.

-Messenger bots aren’t over either. Domino’s just launched a new one, and CP+B had nothing to do with the project.

-Innocean CCO Eric Springer only wants 5 minutes of your time. Come on!

-Possible cheapskates Oliver Group paid less than a million dollars for London agency Dare Digital Limited.