Freshmen Ads: The Place to Hang Your First Work

By Matt Van Hoven 

Mark Tripp had a good idea, so naturally he turned it into a blog. Freshmen Ads is a site that will play host to your first work. “Goodby had one. Bogusky had one. Luke Sullivan showed us his in “Hey Whipple,” reads the site’s tag. “Send a jpg/pdf/quicktime of the first ads you sold along with a header and story you’d like to post with them to Mark Tripp at: FRESHMENADS(at)GMAIL(dot)COM.”

Brilliance! Here for your approval is GSD&M Managing Group Creative Director and “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This”* author Luke Sullivan’s first ad. “Even today, I still get a little urpy looking at it, so please be careful,” writes Sullivan. “If you are looking at this ad now, I encourage caution.”

Jump here to see some more &#151 the site’s pretty light yet so send yours in.

*the first ad book I didn’t finish.

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