FreeCreditScore Band Search Comes Down to Final Four

By Michael Musco 

The band search, which was launched to replace those not-quite musicians who were dropped by FCS parent company Experian in May, is getting close to the end as it’s now down to the final four bands. “We’re trying to tap into the potential of the social networks to create something similar to American Idol in selecting what is one of the most seen bands in America,” said Chris Moloney, SVP/CMO of Experian’s U.S. consumer direct unit, in a statement to the Orange County Business Journal.

Experian is estimated to be spending $10 million to $15 million on the initial launch effort. The consumer unit of Experian spends an estimated $300 million on advertising in print, network and cable TV spots. Damn. Send some of that bread our way. The ads for were created by The Martin Agency. These guys are killing it this year.


They’ve also been collaborating with MTV during this whole frenzy though who knows how good they are to have by your side when dealing with music. It sure can’t hurt, we suppose. To view the final four bands and cast your vote visit here.

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