Former MRY CIO Launches New Agency

By Kiran Aditham 

matt rednorDoes the name Matt Rednor ring a bell?

You might remember him from his two-year stay at MRY (nee Mr. Youth), where he served as chief innovation officer. Now, Rednor has started up his own shop named Decoded Advertising that focuses on how predictive models and data can enhance creativity in the practice.

His new operation has already nabbed its first client in Dollar Shave Club and a strategic partner in SocialCode.


Decoded calls itself “an agency built on how things are, not how they were.”


Why does Rednor think the agency world needs to adapt? Here’s his take:

“Decoded is a new kind of creative agency built for today — not 50 years ago, or even three. Most creative agencies have it wrong. They’re trying to adapt to the way digital has disrupted the ad industry, but evolution is too slow.

I took the age-old concept of ‘a good idea will find its way’ and said ‘that’s not good enough.’ A good idea should have a guaranteed, all-expenses-paid way to success. So, I rebuilt the agency model from the ground up.

We went from being all about the work to being about the work that works. That’s what Decoded does — we make the work that works.  But we’re not doing it alone. Our strategic alliance with SocialCode gives us the advantage to make that happen. I say strategic, but it’s more than that — it’s philosophical. Even the names go together.”

For the record, the name thing is probably a coincidence.