Former Deutsch LA ‘Brand Rapper’ Will Work for You on Xmas

By Kiran Aditham 


Though the Craiglist ad above has since been flagged for removal (at least on our end), the offer itself from Jason Pickar has not. You might remember Pickar from his days as the “brand rapper” at Deutsch L.A., where he spent nearly three years as a copywriter, working on campaigns for Dr. Pepper and losing his beard in the process. Now on the freelance circuit, Pickar is willing to do what most of us won’t: Work on Christmas Day. Yes, his  ad begins with the headline, “Don’t be a Scrooge; hire a Jew this Christmas (LA – or wherever you are). Since his Craiglist post is down on our end and we wouldn’t want have you lovely readers squint, here’s the copy:


“Need ideation on a day dedicated to a deity? Unfortunately, Christ can’t control copy catastrophes. If only there was a way to bring in a freelancer with no guilt whatsoever! Finally, there’s a solution. Read this call to action and go to to see if Jason Pickar is right for your holiday advertising needs. Also available for charity events, comedy shows, hip hop performances, non-union background word, clueless “before” in an informercial or Young Santa at your holiday party…”

Since the Craigslist ad is still not working for us, best to consult the portfolio link posted above if interested in Pickar, who also counts copywriting stints at Tribal DDB and MRM on his resume. Good luck, sir.