Former Brandweek Lady Shocks LinkedIn Collective

By Matt Van Hoven 

Becky Ebenkamp is a screaming rebel (on LinkedIn) where rather than post obvious things like her work experience she makes up titles for herself &#151 thus fulfilling her life’s goals since what you see on LinkedIn is the truths!

Ebenkamp, the former West Coast bureau chief for Brandweek magazine, was laid off after 13 years with the company last fall. She lists her fictitious new jobs on LinkedIn, always punctuated with this disclaimer: ‘I hate typing “unemployed” in this space, so I’ll be making up fake businesses to amuse myself and to test whether anyone reads my profile…I stay active by engaging in meaningful creative projects that build my professional portfolio, stimulate my intellectual curiosity and satisfy my need to give back.”


That’s hilarious! Fooling would-be employers by ranking yourself up &#151 it’s like lying on your resume on purpose, but in Ebenkamp’s case just so she’ll seem interesting to perspective employers. But hell, she got herself some attention &#151 from the Boston Herald of all things.

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