For Dirty Santa, Mistletoe Won’t Be Enough

By Jordan Teicher 


Just when the suffocating boredom of holiday ads was about to reach an unbearable level, Dirty Santa reminds us that it’s okay to loosen up. There’s a joke hiding in there, I’m just not sure I want to make it


Justin Winslow, the creator of Dirty Santa’s Workshop, has designed two sets of original holiday cards with the tagline “Cards For the Naughty & Naughtier.” With a slogan like that, this is probably not the best gift to get for your in-laws or the boss who makes you come in on weekends, but I’m sure there are a few people you can think of who would appreciate the inventive way the artist manages to desecrate the Yule log.

Oddly enough, Winslow spent the early years of his career as an art director and illustrator for children’s television shows. He still does work for Nickelodeon, which means there’s plenty of room for Freudian psychoanalysis now that he’s produced X-rated Christmas cards. However, in a season that is full of redundancies, Winslow’s artwork will certainly grab your attention. This may be a gag gift, but it’s a hell of a lot more imaginative than a bow on top of a Lexus.

Customers can choose to purchase either Dirty Santa’s Straight Sack Set or Dirty Santa’s Gay Sack Set. Each set contains six cards. You should take a look for yourself, because describing most of the sketches won’t do the cards enough justice. After seeing this, you might want to put Santa in handcuffs, but then again, he’d probably enjoy that.