Foot Locker Steps Out of Bedroom, Into Classroom

By Michael Musco 

SapientNitro returns with another campaign for Foot Locker, moving from fetish-y fare to two spots dubbed “Art Class” and “Butter Shoes.”

Unless you are or have been an art student, the first spot might fail to make the connection with the audience. The masses might not get the references being made and for those who’ve never had the pleasure of taking drawing classes, the speech, terminology and inside jokes that take place during one might go over their heads. As a result, one could perceive this spot as just an excuse to spout a bunch of dirty dick jokes.

“Butter Shoes” on the other hand hits the mark. Everyone knows (men for sure) what a butterface is. The truth of how men inspect and judge women based on their appearance, however cruel, is still the truth. But to put a twist on it by shifting that concept towards the sneaker and not the person turns the cruel into funny. Check it out after the jump.

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