Follow Up to DraftFCB Story

By Matt Van Hoven 

Here’s a follow up, translated again, about the DraftFCB CD who was arrested and later released, accused of shooting two people outside a Stockholm school.

Note: there are some weird word usages like “client”, which we presume refers to Dalenius. Read carefully.


From AftonBladet:

The media profile has been released.

The media profile was suspected of having shot two persons in Gamla Stan. But Now he has been released.

&#151 The suspicions have become weaker.
The man was released at 5.30 pm.
&#151 This is correct, says Petra Sjölander, responsible for information at the City police.
&#151 The suspicions have become weak to the point that there is no reason for us to keep him locked up, but he’s still in the investigation.

Looking for witnesses
Sjölander says that the police now continue to work on a broad fron to find the perpetrator behind the brutal shooting yesterday. No new person is apprehended or stated as a suspect.
&#151 We still are looking for witnesses from the location, she says.

Can be cleared completely
The media profiles legal representative Björn Hurtig says that the fact that his client got released is a strong indication that he can be cleared completely from the investigation.
&#151 If they had believed the suspicions they wouldnt have let him free, he says.
How does you client feel?
&#151 He seems to be OK after the circumstances. This has been a traumatic experience, but he appears to hold up well.

Apprehended yesterday
The well-known media profile was apprehended yesterday evening on suspicions of double attempted homocide in Gamla Stan.
A count aged around 40 and his live-in parter were shot brutally just before 5.30 pm with several shots at a school in Gamla Stan.
School children became witness to how the count was shot in the head and torso and was seriously injured. The woman was shot in the mouth and throat but could in spite of her injuries call the police herself.
Disappeared on a Yellow moped.

After the shooting the perpetrator fled on a bright yellow moped or motorbike. The police searhed for him for several hours with several patrools and police helicopter. At half past eight pm the evidence led them to the media profile who was apprehended and put under arrest.
But the media profile has denied any crime and presented an alibi for the time of the crime, and the police said that the statements he has given them seems to be correct.

The police still wants to find the man on the the bright yellow moped. They are convinced that this is the man who commited the double attempted homicide.

The man and woman who got shot are under police protection since it is asserted that they are still under threat.

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