Follow AgencySpy on Twitter, If That’s What You’re In To

By Matt Van Hoven 

More than 8,000 of you have followed us on Twitter, which is pretty great. That’s more than Adrants, and they’ve been around since 2002. We use Twitter primarily to share links we think are interesting &#151 and we don’t solely link to our own content. Here’s why we think it’s a fun thing.

You’re at work all day, probably staring at the computer screen trying to stay awake. Or you sit in meetings playing on your smart phones and whatnot. That stuff gets boring, and we can pretty much guarantee that if you follow us on Twitter, we’ll share a link to something you will find entertaining &#151 thereby ending said boredom or rejuvenating your tired mind.


So, don’t think of it as this thing that people use to talk about their bellybutton lint. Rather think of it as AgencySpy tapping you on the shoulder and handing you a little warm chocolate chip cookie every once in awhile. It won’t be so big your stomach hurts, just a little morsel to get you through the next hour.

This much we can promise: you will either learn something about the advertising business or laugh. If you don’t laugh or learn, then feel free to unfollow us. We won’t be offended, we’ll just give our cookies to someone else.

Note: We recommend Tweetdeck for your desktop. It literally chirps at you when people you’re following Tweet. It’s like an RSS feed you don’t have to pay attention to. There’s a million iPhone apps and we still use a clam shell phone from 2004, so, yeah. Dear Mediabistro, please buy me expensive technologies…

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