‘Flying Stuntman’ Takes Center Stage in Forever Beta’s Effort for Cheapflights

By Erik Oster 

Forever Beta launched a new spot for travel site Cheapflights, featuring a real life “Flying Stuntman.”

Jacob Tomuri, the stuntman in question has quite the resume, appearing in such high profile blockbusters as Mad Max: Fury Road and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. “I fly everywhere,” he says at the start of the spot, as he’s pictured flying out a window. The action-packed spot, which was directed by Stink’s Keith McCarthy, goes on to show Tomuri burning rubber, jumping through glass, tumbling down several flights of stairs and more, which of course is all in a day’s work for him. It’s a memorable spot, even if the connection to the brand at the end of the spot — he has to “make his own way there” and his “journey always starts with one word” — is a rather tenuous one.

“The shoot went brilliantly, and took place in Kiev, Ukraine,” Matt Saunby, executive creative director at Forever Beta, told Adweek. “It’s actually a great country to film in, with lots of unique locations like the amazing boat yard, where our stuntman jumps to grab the hook. It was fascinating to see the stunt coordinator and Jacob practicing all the different scenes.”