Fitzgerald & CO Will Get to the Bottom of This Lasagna

By Patrick Coffee 

Atlanta’s McCann affiliate Fitzgerald & CO, which took over the Carrabba’s Italian Grill account from MMB Boston back in May, has released its first work for its newest client, and the campaign is deep…as in deep dish lasagna.

Apparently, today is National Lasagna Day just as Monday was National Chicken Wings Day, and the agency celebrated with an “email blast” designed to test the viewer’s endurance as he/she attempts to make it all the way to the bottom of the lasagna pan.

As one can see by reading or attempting to read said email, various coupons appear as one moves deeper and deeper into the cheese-and-pasta pile, which consists of more than 2,400 layers of lasagna(?). At one point, the copy asks “too much?” but provides no relief from tomato-ish goodness before wondering what lasagna would eat if it were hungry and stealing a line from Weird Al Yankovic.


We’ll spoil it for you: the final reward is 20 percent off any pasta entree, and the deal lasts less than a week.

Yes, there’s a video so you don’t have to do what we did:

Now let us debate the proper spelling of the pasta dish in question. In Italian, “lasagne” is the plural of lasagna, but our resident grammar expert says that rule doesn’t apply in American English.

Maybe, then, the “e” at the end of this word is a reminder to those who subscribed to Carrabba’s email list that the chain is an authentic Italian establishment despite the fact that it was founded in Texas.

Something tells us they didn’t notice.

Client: Carrabba’s

CMO: Katie Knight

Agency: Fitzgerald & CO

CCO: Noel Cottrell
ECD: Mitch Bennett
ECD: Wes Whitener
CW: Meredith Young
AD: Seth McWhorter
Senior Digital Producer: Gideon Cohen
Account Director:  Helen Bautista
Account Supervisor: Lauren Mayer
Project Manager: Kelly Simpson
Developer: Geni Poole
Project Manager: Mary Manchess