Firstborn Flaunts New Studio Reel

By Kiran Aditham 

With another PepsiCo brand just added to its client roster, NY digital agency Firstborn has unveiled a new studio reel that showcases some of its most recent work–oh and look, there’s even a shot of one of those Twilight guys included. The idea is to make ideas harder, better, faster, stronger we think. Now that we’ve gotten to know the staff a bit, here’s a brief snippet as to what the Dentsu-owned operation has been up to.

FB president Dan LaCivita tells us why they created this clip: “We wanted to put together a new reel (which we are going to be adding to in the next month after some new launches as well) to showcase some new projects but also start telling the story about how we see content creation (whether its live action video, 2D / 3D animation, motion graphics etc) as a way to tell stories cross platform. So it’s not just producing video for TV or for the web. Its having an in-house group that concepts with our whole team from the beginning and works to create content that is a part of a larger multi-channel program we roll out for our clients. The content we create lives on the web, across mobile devices and ultimately TV.”


Hey, at least it gave us a minute’s worth of distraction from the day.