FirstBank Hails Millennials, the Sharing of Pants

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in Regional Super Bowl ads(!), we are long past growing dizzy over the whole love/hate millennials thing.

Clients try desperately to pander to these young people despite the fact that they have no purchasing power whatsoever beyond dropping $1.50 for a bottle of Pepsi to spike with cheap vodka. We all know this, Brad Jakeman. Your insights are in no way unique.

FirstBank and its creative AOR TDA_Boulder play on this sad state of affairs in a new regional spot that will run during the Super Bowl on Sunday in Colorado and Arizona.

See, old men don’t just hate all the young folks. They even appreciate those whippersnappers’ ability to share in the fact that they are all poor! (That’s the joke; we are totally fucked.)

Do millennials really save more? Apparently they do, because they watched mom and dad’s savings get obliterated so a few hundred Patrick Bateman lookalikes could retire in comfort. Sounds like it might be nice!

The business challenge, from the press release:

“Sometimes called the ‘post-ownership’ society, Millennials do not save in the ways that financial institutions have typically served.”

It’s not like the kids have any good reason to distrust the financial industry, is it?! Please give us the numbers, Mr. Goldman Sachs:

“30% of millennials have no plans to buy a car in the near future. 60% of all millennials rent, not own a home.”

They don’t just share their homes on Airbnb…they share their pants.

Last year’s regional SB work played on the whole “selling puppies” concept that was similar to BFG’s not-gonna-run-this work for GoDaddy. TDA_Boulder most recently got our attention for making a video greeting card from “Hispanic Democrats for Trump” thanking The Donald for being an ignorant racist jackass.

The above campaign is unique in that it contains no CTA and no mention of any specific product. The resulting tag hasn’t quite caught on, but that might be because the ad hasn’t actually aired yet…


Client: FirstBank

Agency: TDA_Boulder

ECD/CW: Jonathan Schoenberg
CD: Jeremy Seibold
ADs: Haley Garyet, Barrett Brynestad
Director of Strategy: Constance DeCherney
Agency Producer: Susan Fisher
Account Dir.: Danielle Borden

Prod. Co.: MJZ, Los Angeles
Directors: Perlorian Brothers
D.P.: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Exec Producers: David Zander, Eriks Krumins
Line Producer: Jay Shapiro

Editorial/Post: Cosmo Street Editorial, Santa Monica
Editor: Katz
Asst. Editor: Nellie Phillips
Exec Producer: Yvette Cobarrubias-Sears
Producers: Marie Mangahas, Chelsea Spensley

Color Correct: Apache, Santa Monica
Telecine Operator: Steve Rodriguez

Mix/Sound Design: Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Engineer: Zach Fisher

Animation: Bernard Tan, Los Angeles