First SuperHeroes NY Campaign Stars Birds with Arms Because Why Not?

By Patrick Coffee 

SuperHeroes is an Amsterdam-based agency that just established its first stateside office here in our fair city of New York. How do we know this? Because we just received the agency’s first “American” campaign.

The New York move, which prompted AdAge to speculate that SuperHeroes might be “the first Dutch ad agency in Manhattan,” came on the heels of a big win: Korean computer giant Asus.

The agency’s new work promotes that client — and, as promised in our headline, it stars a multitasking bro with feathers, or “The World’s Most Modern Bird”:

Sounds like he works in finance…but he did say “titmouse.”


The second spot in the series pokes fun at the Tinder movement and confirms that this bird definitely works in finance:

Finally, consider the word “peckerface”:

In case you missed the point: it’s a laptop! It’s a tablet! It’s both!

And lest you think these Swedes take themselves too seriously, here are a couple of quotes:

Rogier Vijverberg, ECD of SuperHeroes, says: “Modern working may be something people like to bore their friends about, but bring birds with arms into the picture and suddenly you have their full attention.”

Andrew Watson, of production company Minivegas: “Casting birds that actually had arms was a challenge, but once done, we found most of them remarkably open to direction and very patient.”

And now, your credits.



Agency SuperHeroes

ECD Rogier Vijverberg

Copywriter Elliot Stewart Franzen, Dimitri Hekimian

Art Director Quentin Deronzier

Designers Nando Pawirodikromo, Krister Lima

Client Services Director Django Weisz Blanchetta

Producer Evelien Schenkkan, Severien Jansen

Strategic/Planning Director Felipe Camara

Interactive Designer Krister Lima        

Developers Chris Noble-Partridge


Production Company Minivegas

Directors Andrew Watson, Maarten Boon

Scriptwriter Andrew Watson

Executive Producer Brian Bourke

Producer Sanne Rosinga

Post Producer Marloes de Rijke

Editor Sander van der Aa

Lead Compositor Sven de Jong


Post-Production Company Minivegas


Sound Design Kaiser Sound