‘Fireflies’ Gear Up for 4th Annual Bike Ride from SF to LA

By Bob Marshall 

Though AgencySpy is generally tasked with reporting on dark side of the advertising industry, we want to remind our readers that we get off just as much on uplifting news as we do soul-crushing news. After all, marketing types have been known to pay big bucks for bi-polar tendencies.

From time to time, agencies band together for real charity, not just the stuff that wins awards. One example of this is annual Fireflies ride (pic from last year’s event above), an advertising professional-led bike ride to raise money for City of Hope, a comprehensive cancer center located near Los Angeles. Now in its fourth year, the riders start at GS+P in San Francisco and embark on a 550 mile journey, ending at the Mill in L.A. The six-day trek is scheduled to begin on Friday, Sept. 23, with a breakfast served in GS+P’s parking lot.


In addition to GS+P and the Mill, other organizations supporting the ride include Believe Media, 180, Alive & Well, Deutsch L.A., Prettybird, RSA Films, Union and Zoic Studios. AICP will recognize the event tonight at the AICP Show and Next Awards in San Francisco, where riders will be on hand to take donations and give information about Fireflies. Okay, so an award show is involved in some way, but at least in this instance the event isn’t getting an award, right?