Finally, an App to Track the Monetary Cost of Meetings

By Bob Marshall 

If you work in advertising, you know the drill: A brief chat between a creative and an account person begins. Then, a second creative shows up with an opinion and some insight on the topic at hand. The account person, overwhelmed, decides that the discussion calls for a meeting.

Suddenly, meeting invitations go out to copywriters, art directors, ACDs, CDs, GCDs, account execs, account coordinators, account managers and assorted interns. The issue at hand is resolved. But, someone feels compelled to belabor a minute detail. By the time the meeting runs over an hour late, 30 people have had a large part of their days wasted. Just think, you could have been doing actual work instead of playing around on your iPhone for three hours! Do you need to convince your agency to stop wasting its time? Well, LBi that’s why created COMA, the “Cost of Meeting App” for mobile devices.


Now, you can be the agency’s MVP in three simple steps:

Step 1: Start the app.
Step 2: Casually point out how much money has been wasted already.
Step 3: Meeting adjourned.

Way to go, hero!