Finally, Ads That Shine a White Hot Spotlight on the Glory That Is Yorkshire

By Doug Zanger 

Let’s just say that we don’t know a lick about the Yorkshire accent. What we do know is that the region north of London is pretty and it’s also filled with very hard-working people … who voted for Brexit. But that’s beside the point.

What we’re here to do today is celebrate the fact that the good people of (consults Wikipedia) Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and the like now have some ads that they can call their own for Yorkshire Tea.

Fun facts here. Did you know that actor Sean Bean is from Yorkshire? How about the magician Dynamo? Were you even aware of Dynamo in the first place?


Regardless, these are a duo of fun ads from Lucky Generals that play up the regional accent that we’ll leave to the Brits to describe. You want to talk Philly accents, we’ve got youse covered there, but we would not really do Yorkshire justice now, would we? Honestly, we thought Bean was Irish because we watched Patriot Games for the 48th time this weekend.

And, for the most part, we don’t know much about Dynamo since we didn’t pay for U.K. television in our cable package, but it appears he can levitate … or use wires to gently bring him to the warehouse floor.

Per the (types Yorkshire Tea Yorkshire into Google, then clicks “news”) Yorkshire Post, the extras were real employees.

And since adding a quote makes us seem more professional, Ben Newbury, Yorkshire Tea’s senior brand manager told the pub that: “We’re chuffed to bits with these new adverts and hope everyone loves them as much as we do. Sean Bean and Dynamo are experts in their crafts and truly epitomise (U.K. spelling … to keep it authentic) the art of ‘doing things properly’–an ethos that is central to absolutely everything we do here at Yorkshire Tea. We’re so pleased we could recruit them to help spread the message of properness.”

Of course, we’re having a little fun here and are being—what’s the word—cheeky? We enjoyed these ads and wished that we really understood what the hell was going on over there. Kind of like Brexit.