Field Trip With MindShare New York

By SuperSpy 

It’s warm all over and now is the time when agencies begin to trot their employees out in front of the sun, remind them there’s more to life than their cubicle walls. First trip we’ve heard about this year is MindShare’s June 13th outing to… SIX FLAGS! No, really. Reminds you of that class trip you took senior year like three weeks before graduation, right? Check out the email from Nadine, Managing Director, of MindShare New York below. Comments are in brackets.


To welcome the warm weather in as well as to celebrate with a fun client we think you all deserve a break……


I am pleased to invite you to our annual corporate outing, this year to be held at Six Flags Great Adventure & Wild Safari in New Jersey. The day should prove to be fun and a great opportunity to get to know each other outside of the office!

[Gag. Gag and gasp. Get to know each other outside the office? Hello… do you really think, like really, that your employees 1) aren’t commiserating about your new polices over nightly brews? 2) That if they don’t like each other inside the office, that they’re really going to ride Batman together, share a cotton candy and bond because they are outside of the office? These are grown-ups Nadine. Big people.]


The outing will be held on Friday, June 13th.


Buses will be departing from Manhattan (Penn Station Area) at 9 am sharp. If you choose to drive, you can meet us at the park at 11 am but expenses will not be reimbursed. Buses will be scheduled to leave the park for Manhattan throughout the afternoon. Further details on transportation will be issued at a later date. Each employee who registers will receive a full Park and Safari pass for the day.


Lunch is Our treat if you meet us when lunch be served (from 1-3pm) at the park – actual site details to come. We encourage you to join us for lunch to meet with your co-workers as other food related expenses will not be reimbursed.

[Bribing your employees to hang out with you and each other with free sandwiches is not actually a bad idea considering how expensive food is at an amusement park.]

******Important to know******* —–

Please take a moment to fill out the short registration by Friday, May 30th.You need to register in order to receive your park pass.

We would like you to make every effort to attend so please plan client
business accordingly – the day is after all on us. If you choose not to attend, you will either need to be in the office or take a pre-approved summer Friday/vacation day.

[Note to management: Who the hell is going to use one of their precious vacation days when they could sit in the office all by themselves and watch movies, play a game of spin the bottle, whatever? The real party is going to be with the twenty people who DON’T go on this field trip. Lock your desks. If it was me, I’d be going through Nadine’s desk like hasta pronto.] [image source]