Fiat Introduces Itself to U.S. via Engaging Music Video

By Kiran Aditham 

Move over Eminem-biting Chrysler ads, as parent company/partner/whatever you call it Fiat is saying hello to the US of A and heralding its 2012 500 line with a nearly three-minute music video complete with nifty editing and effects as well as the centerpiece, which is a remix of Vivaldi’s “Concerto in D Major, Rv 228” that comes to us courtesy of L.A.-based act Glitch Mob. The spot was created by Impatto Detroit, though there’ s no Motor City pride mantras floating about, just sheer, fun short attention span theater. Credits after the jump.

Agency: Impatto Detroit
Creatives: Parag Tembulkar, Craig Smith
CEO/President: Michael D’Antonio

Head of Integrated Content: Gail Simon

Producers: Lorraine Kraus, Kristin Loudis
Production Company: Motion Theory
Director: Mark Kudsi
Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez
Line Producer: Anna Joseph
Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt
Production Designer: Teri Whittaker
Post Production/VFX Company: Mirada
Creative Director: Mark Kudsi
VFX Producer: James Taylor
Online Producer: Christina Caldwell
Senior Art Director: Jonathan Wu
Editorial Company: Mirada
Producer: James Taylor
Editor: Lenny Messina
Music Company: MassiveMusic
Executive Producer: Scott Cymbala
String Arrangements: Vivaldi “Concerto in D Major”
Composer: MassiveMusic