FedEx, BBDO NY Plus Mariachi Band, Hip-Hop Act Present The Jingle Studio

By Ella Riley-Adams 

For a company that specializes in mundane activities like box building and document copying, FedEx made some jazzy choices in their latest campaign. To sell FedEx as a company providing “solutions that matter,” BBDO NY worked with Caviar and Haus to show businesses what they won’t be getting.


It all takes place in the Jingle Studio Facebook app, where companies can create the cheesiest of jingles. They pick a band–possibilities include mariachi feat. singing cactus, hip hop ensemble, glam metal band. Then, using text-to-singing technology, they can insert their company name and info into an ad reminiscent of what you might see on a tiny town’s television channel (read: tacky).  Then, of course, the jingle-maker shares their fresh video along with its tacked-on FedEx promotion.

Maybe it’s just me, but the example video is going to be stuck in my head for the entire day. “Let’s fiesta like zillionaires!!” If FedEx’s strategy backfires and inspires a rise in bizarre singing ads, a ton of 90’s bands are going to have lucrative side-jobs.

Credits after the jump.

Agency:                                                                           BBDO New York

Client:                                                                             FedEx

Title:                                                                                “The Jingle”



Chief Creative Officer:                                                    David Lubars

Executive Creative Director:                                           Greg Hahn

Executive Creative Director:                                           Mike Smith

Copywriter:                                                                     Jessica Coulter

Art Director:                                                                    Matt Sorrell

Senior Content Producer/Interactive Producer:             Jesse Brihn

Executive Interactive Producer:                                      Nicole Rannou

Account Director:                                                            Neil Onsdorff

Account Manager:                                                          David McKenzie


Production Company:                                                     Caviar, Los Angeles

Executive Producer:                                                        Michael Sagol

Executive Producer:                                                        Jasper Thomlinson

Producer:                                                                        Todd Makurath

Director:                                                                         Matt & Oz

Director of Photography:                                                Dave Jones


Integrated Media:                                                           HAUS, Los Angeles

Executive Producer:                                                        Jared Plummer

Producer:                                                                        Giuseppe Lupo

Creative Director:                                                           Rasmus Blaesbjerg

Design Director:                                                              Steed Griffin


Editing Company:                                                            Caviar, Los Angeles

Editor:                                                                             Jacob Ritley