F*ck It. Let’s Write GM’s Next Campaign, Right Here, Right Now

By Matt Van Hoven 

Yesterday, AdAge reported that GM’s dealers are in want of a national ad campaign to give the downtrodden brand a kick in the pants. Apparently, the higher-ups aren’t doing anything until they hear if Obama is going to inject the failing company with some much needed cash. That’s lame guys, lame.

We agree that GM should “go down swinging” rather than taking it up the chute. Which as of right now, it is. Hard. To not flail one’s arms while falling backward into oblivion is un-American, damnit, so let’s help GM get one final punch in and maybe, just maybe, save America at the same time.


If GM won’t do it, you will.

We don’t care how you do it. E-mail, comment, smoke signals &#151 whatever. Send us your one-liners, your posters, your homemade videos. They can be spoofs or legit attempts &#151 we’ll post the best tag lines, posters, videos etc. right here. You’ve got the time, you’ve got the talent, you can flail with the best of them. To submit your GM-saving content, e-mail matt@mediabistro.com, superspyin@gmail.com. We eagerly await your submissions. Ready, go.

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