FCB/SIX Tackles Teen High Driving with ‘The Call That Comes After’ for Drug Free Kids Canada

By Erik Oster Comment

FCB/SIX launched a PSA campaign for Drug Free Kids Canada targeting high driving amongst teens, entitled “The Call That Comes After.”

The campaign features a customizable video which allows parents to send tailored messages to their teenage sons and daughters that amount to a take on “Don’t get high and drive.”

“The Call” depicts a scene of a group of friends sitting around and sharing a joint, with one girl informing them “I don’t smoke” when it comes around to her. Still, she gets in the car with her stoned friend (Why didn’t she insist on driving!?) en route to a party and things, predictably, go horribly wrong. That’s where the customizable aspect comes in, with the teens receiving a text from mom or dad addressed to them at the same moment that the scene depicts the character receive a text from her mom following a car crash.
Intended to start a conversation between teens and their parents about the issue, the campaign was launched following a study commissioned by Drug Free Kids Canada which found that around 25 percent of high school seniors admitted to riding in a car with a high driver. The pro-bono campaign, which achieves its customization by utilizing a combination of “IBM’s Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, SMS, YouTube and an on-demand video rendering engine,” will run through June and arrives as Canada is taking steps toward legalizing cannabis for adult recreational use.

“Starting a conversation is the most important step parents can take toward helping their children make better life choices,” Drug Free Kids executive director Marc Paris said in a statement. “Education and ongoing communication are essential.”
“Research shows that parents are one of the biggest influence on their kids when it comes to drug abuse, so we took an approach of reaching out to parents directly to help get the message to their kids, with an innovative use of technology that we thought would best grab their kid’s attention,” added FCB/SIX managing director Vicki Waschkowski.


Project: The Call That Comes After
Url: https://thecallthatcomesafter.com

Client: Drug Free Kids Canada
Executive Director: Marc Paris

Agency: FCB/SIX
Executive Creative Director: Ian Mackenzie
Associate Creative Director: Krystle Mullin
Associate Creative Director: Graham Tingle
VP, Group Account Director: Vicki Waschkowski
Account Supervisor: Shannon Harvey
Project Manager: Gillian Largey
Lead Developer: Dov Atlin
Campaign Manager: Andrew Yang
VP, Data & Technology: Jacob Ciesielski
President: Andrea Cook
Agency Producer: Kelly Cavanaugh

Media Planning: UM
Director Connection Planning: Cynthia Steele

Production Company: Circle Productions
Executive Producer: Andria Minott
Director / Cinematographer: Jesse Blight
Line Producer: Robbie McNamara

Editorial: School Editing
Editor: Lauren Horn
Exec. Producer: Sarah Brooks

Post Production: Red Lab
Executive Producer: Laurie Kerr-Jones
Producer: Pallavi Joshi
Visual Effects Artist: Andy Hunter
Colourist: Jason Zukowski

Music & Sound Design: Vapor RMW
Producer: Ted Rosnick

Casting: Shasta Lutz, Jigsaw Casting