FCB Zürich Presents ‘Hearing Test Concert’ for Neuroth

By Erik Oster 

While, according to the World Health Organization, hearing loss affects nearly 360 million people worldwide, getting hearing tests isn’t very high on most peoples’ lists of health priorities. It doesn’t help that hearing tests aren’t exactly a pleasant experience. But what if testing your hearing was enjoyable? That’s the idea behind FCB Zürich’s “Hearing Test Concert” for Austrian hearing aid company Neuroth.

The event featured an orchestra performing a version of Beethoven’s fifth symphony “specifically arranged to simulate the high-and-low frequencies and loud-and-silent parts of a traditional hearing test.” Members of the audience were given a card and marked down when they had trouble hearing certain frequencies. During the intermission, audience members could then show their card to a Neuroth audiologist and receive a personal consultation. In just one day, the campaign resulted in 1,100 people voluntarily taking a hearing test (and, presumably, actually enjoying it).



Neuroth Hearing test concert:
Agency: FCB Zürich
Film-Production: WirzFraefelPaal
Director: Levente Paal
Producer: Nina Wirth, Stefan Fraefel
Client: Lukas Schinko (CEO Neuroth Switzerland AG), Gerald Hosinner, Markus Pleschinger (Marketing Executives)

Executive Creative Director – Dennis Lück, FCB Zürich
Art Director – Marcin Baba, FCB Zürich
Senior Copywriter – Sören Schröder, FCB Zürich
Art Director – Flavio Meroni, FCB Zürich
Senior Copywriter – Mateo Sacchetti, FCB Zürich
Editor – Manuela Tappe, FCB Zürich
Account Director – Marie-Theres Ott, FCB Zürich
Account Supervisor – Mark Becher, FCB Zürich