FCB Mayo Moves Warmth for Western Union

By Erik Oster 

The residents of Lampa, Peru and  Waskaganish, Canada are thousands of miles apart but share a common problem: extreme cold. So FCB Mayo worked with Western Union to facilitate an exchange between the inhabitants of each region in a campaign called “Moving Warmth For Better.”

Two Waskaganish residents (Virginia Wabano, the president of the Cree Women of Eeyou Istchee Association, and Lillian Trapper, an animal hide specialist) arrived in Lampa with animal hides and showed residents how to use them to protect their homes from the cold during the winter. In return, the residents of Lampa sent back quinoa, a nutrient-rich food well suited for the cold, along with cooking instructions. Since Waskaganish, Canada suffers from a lack of food resources due to its cold climate and remote location, it was the perfect exchange.


On the campaign website, Western Union describes the program as “one of our most valuable transfers: an exchange of knowledge between two cultures that, unknown to them, was needed to solve their problems.” The process was captured on video for an online spot documenting the uplifting experience.

“Moving Warmth For Better” is just the beginning of a larger “Goodwill Transfer” campaign for Western Union, which promises to “carry out exchanges between
different cities throughout the world, for the sole purpose of attaining the common good.”