FCB Health, TB Alliance Aim to Be ‘Louder than TB’

By Erik Oster 

FCB Health launched a new campaign for TB Alliance ahead of World TB Day (tomorrow, March 26) entitled “Louder than TB.”

The campaign aims to raise awareness for tuberculosis, which is the leading cause of infectious disease deaths worldwide, and its victims. Unfortunately, many of those who contract the disease are children — at least one million last year alone (140,000 of which died). Despite this, tuberculosis doesn’t receive the media attention, at least in the west, as some other infectious diseases and in the campaign’s 40-second spot, FCB Health seeks to combat this lack of attention. The spot employs a simple metaphor to accomplish this, beginning with text reading “The silence around tuberculosis is deafening” over footage of a small girl coughing, devoid of sound.  It goes on to inform viewers that the disease kills 400 children a day before concluding “It’s time to finally give this epidemic a voice” as the audibly girl draws in a breath, followed by text directing viewers to the campaign website. Hopefully the approach can grab viewers’ attention and raise awareness of an epidemic few are aware of on World TB Day.

Agency: FCB Health

Chief Creative Officer: Rich Levy
Creative Director: Mike Devlin
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