FCB Chicago Unleashes ‘Masters of Madness’ for Kmart

By Erik Oster Comment

FCB Chicago has launched another goofy spot for Kmart, promoting the chain’s in-store pickup of online purchases with a new holiday ad entitled “Masters of Madness.”

The 60-second spot follows a family as they receive notification that their order is ready for pickup, and then bust some choreographed dance moves to “Just Got A Check” by DJ Milad as they strut through the store to pick up those items. “Masters of Madness” follows the same basic formula as this summer’s “Shop Like A Boss” spot, swapping out that ad’s grandmother for a young family. Unsurprisingly, the joke isn’t as funny the second time around, although the actors turn in some convincing performances. Anyone familiar with the previous ad will recognize the Kmart shoppers acting like they’re in a hip-hop formula immediately, pleasing those not already tired of the joke but turning off those who’ve had enough of it. Either way, it’s hard to imagine this schtick having much more life to it.