FCB Chicago Mocks Horror Cliches in Latest Cox Homelife Campaign

By Erik Oster 

FCB Chicago released a new spot for Cox Homelife (formerly Cox Communications) parodying horror movie cliches in support of the brand.

The 30-second spot contrasts a woman using Cox Homelife to resolve fears about mystery sounds with how a “clueless teenager in a horror movie” approaches the same situations. Cox Homelife lets the woman turn on a light remotely when she hears a strange sound, check the security camera when she sees something outside, set up text alerts and lock the door remotely. Predictably, things aren’t so easy for the clueless horror movie teenager.

The juxtapositional device allows a setup to promote Cox Homelife’s features, but it’s a little on the obvious side, what with movie cliches being very, very low-hanging fruit. Maybe viewers won’t be tuning out rather than taking note of Cox Homelife’s selling points.