FCB Chicago, Michelob Ultra Celebrate Golf’s Return to the Olympics

By Erik Oster 

With golf returning as an Olympic event after 112 years at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, FCB Chicago created a spot to celebrate the occasion for low calorie/flavor beer brand (and PGA Tour sponsor) Michelob Ultra.

The spot, entitled “Golf Returns to the Games” takes a simple, humorous approach based on the juxtaposition of the quiet game of golf set to famously excitable Brazilian soccer announcer Nilson César. Pro golfer Scott Langley attempts to sink a putt while César shouts about Brazil scoring a goal. 

César’s commentary, of course, is in Portuguese, and the ad doesn’t provide subtitles for English speakers. They’re not really necessary, though, both because it’s pretty clear what he’s talking about and the real point is the unbridled enthusiasm of his delivery. In case you’re curious, however, we were provided with the translation:

He shot from far away! It’s a low one. The lawn is wet. Very wet! Root for it. Look at the goal! Root for it, Brazil! Oh boy, oh boy! Look at the goal! Look at the goal, look at the goal! Oh! Blow it in, Brazil! Push it! Blow it! It’s there, it’s there, its there, it’s there, it’s there! Look at the goal! Look at the goal, look at the goal! Look at the goal! Look at the goal, look at the goal! GOAAAAAL!


The spot utilizes a simple comedic insight, perhaps derived at least in part from The Simpsons, as a play on typical perceptions of golf that also celebrates the sport, Brazil and César in particular. It might not be the most clever Olympic spot this year but it is a refreshing break from the barrage of athletic anthem ads, at least—even if it’s unclear how exactly this promotes the brand in question, beyond mentioning it as a “Proud Supporter of Team USA.”

Anheuser-Busch InBev
VP, Marketing USA: Jorn Socquet
Michelob ULTRA Senior Director: Joe Lennon
Michelob ULTRA Brand Manager: Stacey Mikula

Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford
VP, Creative Director: Josh Hurley
VP, Creative Director: Andy Kohman
Art Director: Johnross Post
Copywriter: Matt Everts
Art Director: Conor Clarke
Senior Producer: Chris Wickman
SVP Group Management Director: Melanie Hellenga
VP, Management Director: Kiska Howell
VP, Strategic Planning Director: Tom Hehir

Roman Mendez, Director of Motion Design
Derek Viramontes, Motion Designer
Ilsa Misamore, Editor
Jason Ryan, Audio Engineer