FCB Chicago Introduces ‘The Truck Whisperer’ for Fleetmatics

By Erik Oster 

Earlier this month FCB Chicago introduced “The Truck Whisperer” for fleet tracking and management service Fleetmatics.

While a “Dog Whisperer” parody may have come across as edgy and topical say, 6 years ago, FCB Chicago’s character mostly felt flat and slightly annoying. The newly added additions to the campaign, unfortunately, take things even further in the annoying direction. The new spots — “What?”, “Therapy”, “10 & 2” and “Cinderblocks” continue embellishing the “Truck Whisperer” character. “Cinderblocks” (above), for example, sees the character pained over the fate of a truck and wishing he had been contacted sooner. If you like the character already (can’t imagine that’s a lot of you), the new spots may tickle your fancy, or may sour you on him, as there’s even less to like than with the original “Meet The Trick Whisperer” spot. If you don’t, they certainly won’t do anything to change your mind. All told, this is kind of a curious approach for Fleetmatics, and we’re not sure it’s doing much for the brand. Stick around for credits and more from the “Truck Whisperer” after the jump.



Agency: FCB Chicago

Todd Tilford, Chief Creative Officer

Teddy Brown, EVP Group Creative Director

Alison Hammer, Associate Creative Director

Mike Wegener, Associate Creative Director

Cayne Collier, Writer

Katie Roach, Senior Producer

Michael Antonucci, Producer

Ben Flaherty, VP Director

Steve Immer, Editor

Karyn Kerner, SVP Group Management Director

Al Gross, SVP Director Strategic Planning

Cat Roggow, VP Management Director

Sarah Lopez, Assistant Account Executive

Leigh Jones, BoomThrift Productions, Executive Producer