Fashion Meets Function in Argonaut’s New Fitbit Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Back in May, San Francisco’s Argonaut created an ad for Fitbit that moved away from the Apple-like “here is our product, look how streamlined it is” strategy toward more traditional narrative advertising.

In “Know Your Heart,” a Bay Area bro aspired to keep up with the lady of his dreams as she almost literally ran circles around him. His secret weapon? Fitbit.

Argonaut’s newer spot promotes the client’s just-released “smart fitness watch” model Blaze by highlighting some “Dualities.”


What might those be? Fashion and function, of course!

The mini-narratives demonstrate how this particular smart watch is actually a practical lifestyle accessory rather than something you wear just to draw stares in the gym, like Reebok Pumps circa 1990.

After watching this ad, the Blaze seems a bit less indulgent than the Apple Watch. It’s still fashionable, though–and Fitbit wants to start selling alternate wristbands to boost that revenue.

One complaint, though: people who throw their weights at the gym are really annoying no matter how thick the floor pads are. We get it, you lift.

For contrast, here’s the product release video, produced in-house, which elaborates on the same selling point: Be your best and look your best!

Wait, did he have to buy dinner because his date took seven more steps than he did? Is that how dating works now?!

Client: Fitbit

VP Global Marketing: Tim Rosa
Product Marketing Manager: Daniel Shaw
Creative Director: Shahin Edalati

Agency: Argonaut

Chief Creative Officer: Hunter Hindman
Chief Creative Officer: Rick Condos
ECD: Matt Ashworth
ACD, Art Director: Beau Hanson
Art Director: Tynessa Jue
Copywriter: Iman Omar
Brand Director: Chris Conrad
Brand Manager: Ryan West
Senior Strategist: Ben Alter
Head of Production: Dan Watson
Agency Producer: DP Odishoo

Production Company: RESET
Director: Andre Stringer
Managing Director: Dave Morrison
Head of Producitons: Amanda Clune
Executive Producer: Jeff McDougall
Producer: Laura Miller
Production Supervisor: Chris Ness

Edit: House Beast Editorial
Editor: Tim Brooks
Executive Producer: Tracy Coleman
Assistant Editor: Max Holste