Faris Yakob Left the Circus That is McCann

By Matt Van Hoven 

In November, 2008, Faris Yakob left Naked Communications for an EVP, chief technology strategist job at McCann Erickson New York. Essentially, he’s a planner, living in a creative’s world. Yesterday was his last day, but frankly this was a long time coming. We’ve heard rumors of his departure for the last few weeks.

Yakob has become a notable figure in the planning realm, where his unique style and insights have helped pushed him into roles like this one. The only question about his talent seems to be where his ideas originate. But to truly know how he’s doing you’d have to ask his colleagues. So we did, and in doing so got the sense that he’s most proficient at reading material you’d never think was relevant (it’s an old planner tactic). But whatever he was doing at McCann it wasn’t working. A source within the agency tells us he will be missed.

A group of McCann folks wished Yakob well over drinks last night. He’s not been replaced yet.


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