Fanta Drops Dancers, Adds CGI City

By Bob Marshall 

Though the “Want a Fanta” dancers of yesteryear are absent in a new round of spots from Ogilvy NY and those VFX/animation whizzes at Psyop, Fanta is still being billed as some sort of liquid ecstasy substitute in the company’s latest push to get hip kids with headphones to start ingesting orange soda.

The above spot, “Bounce,” is one of four new ads that, according to what the people involved tell us, introduce a new group of pop-culture savvy characters with an addiction to dancing and caffeine-free carbonated beverages. “In ‘Orange Vision’ we feature a new girl Maud, who just completely steals the show in our minds,” the agency says. “When we started designing her, (experimental R&B singer) Janelle Monae came up a lot for style and personality reference. Her energy is infectious and we really wanted that to come across in Maud as well.”


As crisp as this CGI hipster-laden city looks, we wonder if it will ever match the infectious/annoying beat of that catchy oldie but goody, “Want a Fanta? Dontcha want a?” Now that’s in your head, isn’t it? You’re welcome.  Credits follow after the jump.

Agency: Ogilvy New York
Sr. Partner, Executive Creative Director Digital: Aaron Griffiths
Partner, Associate Creative Director: Tristan Kincaid
Partner, Associate Creative Director: Della Mathew
Sr. Partner, Executive Producer: Melanie Baublis
Producer: Jenna Gartland
Planning Director: Margaret Rimsky
Strategic Planner: Caroline Washington
Executive Marketing Director: Fergus Hay
Program Manager: Daniel Langlitz

Production Company: Psyop / Smuggler
Director: Psyop
Psyop Creative Directors: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier, Gerald Ding
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Producer: Nathan Jew, Kay Chen
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan