Fallon Made Us Chuckle

By SuperSpy 

We hear, as do many an ad blog, that Fallon Minneapolis is looking good to take home the Microsoft win over Crispin. That would be huge and Fallon’s bumpy road aside, the shop deserves it. You know they do.

We also like the new Holiday Inn Express spots from the agency. Fallon performed some research, which showed that nearly half of business travelers surveyed say they’ve been picked up or hit on in the morning. We vouch for this weird bit of humor behavior and maybe that’s why we found the spots quite tickling.

The designated driver spot that has been running for a bit doesn’t grab us, but this one above titled “Ladies Night” gives us a chuckle. Have you ever been hit on at the breakfast buffet? It’s totally insane, hard to endure with a hangover and smeared mascara.