Fallon, Loctite Want to Help With Your Gap Problem

By Erik Oster 

In a pair of new ads, Fallon continues the goofy humor approach it debuted for Loctite with “Win at Glue” back in May of 2014 and used to take the brand to the Super Bowl with a similarly ridiculous spot the next year.

While retaining a similar style of humor, the new spots do break with past efforts a little bit, even while Chris Reese, who appeared in the Super Bowl effort, stars in one of them. The 30-second spot, “Gaps on Gaps on Gaps,” sees Reese, or “Gaps,” demonstrating how Loctite Tite Foam is the perfect solution to “gap problems” around the house. It’s something of a play on the traditional infomercial, with Reese addressing the product’s benefits over competitors while the spot derives humor from the play on “gap problem” and similar references.

Another spot, “Unibrow Bro” applies a similar approach to Loctite Power Grab. “Do you like when something that’s normally two things is one sexy, continuous thing?” asks actor Jeffrey Lewis while the camera makes sure to get in close on his unibrow. He goes on to demonstrate how Power Grab can be used to bond a number of items together, so much that “You can’t tell where one thing ends and the other begins.” It’s eyebrow-raising!

The approach allows Fallon to once again bring humor to a normally dry category and while the new efforts may not be as attention grabbing as their off-the-wall predecessors, they manage to integrate actual product benefits into the 30-second spots without coming across as boring.


Said approach was developed when “our Loctite clients briefed us to rethink the traditional demo ad,” Fallon creative director Jason Bottenus explained to Adweek. “We knew we wanted to continue the brand voice we established with our Super Bowl ad. The challenge was to make a demo people would actually watch and believe.”

Client: Loctite
Agency: Fallon
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Kling
Creative Director: Jason Bottenus
Copywriter: Lucas Tristao
Art Director: Daniel Alves
Director of Film Production: Pat Sidoti
Account Services: Chris Lawrence
Business Affairs: Joanna Jahn
Director: Fatal Farm (Gifted Youth)
Editor: Kyle Brown (Arcade Edit)
Color: Mark Gethin (MPC)
Flame: Mark Holden (MPC)
Mix: Jeff Payne (Eleven)
Sound Design: Tone Farmer