Fallon Is Melting

By SuperSpy 

No, no. We’re not talking about the agency losing big dollars and creatives in that headline. We’re talking about Fallon melting down all of its awards to create one solid metal mural for a project called “You Are Fallon.” (see video above)

The awards are all these people have to hold onto. Ah, the glory days, and hell, you can’t be hater, they were GLORIOUS.


ECD Al Kelly, told Creativity that:

“Our new brand identity is “We are Fallon.” It’s about pride in who we are and what we do, so “You Are Fallon” was conceived as a way to honor the creative legacy of the agency and honor the people behind the work over the years.”

The idea was conceived by creative who requested not to be named. Pat (who we love) along with Lubars, and Jamie Barrett all gave up their tokens to add to the pot. Great press gimmick and possibly a nice temporary morale booster, but what about the work? It’s about the work kids. At least their old motto will bite the dust soon – “Outsmart Vs. Outspend.” Fallon Minneapolis hasn’t been out smarting anyone in some time.

Oh yeah, and they’re moving, but we reported that long ago.