Fallon and the AICP Awards Think Advertising Is Definitely Art

By Patrick Coffee 

Do you often look back on your art school days with nostalgia that smells a lot like no-name vodka and cheap weed?

More importantly, has your agency’s PR department submitted your work to the Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ summer awards show?

2016 marks the show’s 25th anniversary, and AICP is using the opportunity to remind us that advertising is SO TOTALLY art…or at least it can be housed in the film archives of one of the world’s best known museums.

Here’s “Get Into the MoMA,” which dares creatives to pull a Kanye and “get on Pablo’s level.”

The work was created by Fallon, and as you can see it’s a montage of ads that have received AICP awards side-by-side with the works of famous artists…and Lee Clow.

Ad creatives may not be “storytellers” (debatable), but they can still be associated with people who almost certainly never had to pitch anything or have good ideas get shot down by nightmare clients. Again, you just have to submit your work by March 4, so direct your agency’s PR department to this link.

On a side note, you might not want to regret your decision to go into advertising versus working at an art museum since “fine artist” is no longer a valid career description (if it ever really was). MoMA is known to be just as terribly mismanaged as any ad agency, and last summer its employees protested its plans to cut their health benefits while simultaneously expanding its New York home base and launching an expensive, poorly received wet-kiss tribute to Bjork.*

*We like Bjork as much as the next person who grew up during the ’90s, but come on guys.


Agency: Fallon Worldwide
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Kling
Art Director: Joe Johnson
Design Lead: Milton Un

Production/Graphics: Flavor
Creative Director: Jason Cook
Executive Producer: Darren Jaffe
Designer: Ella Yook

Editor: Barnett Kiel
Executive Producer: Megan Dahlman
Producer: Ana Orrach

Original Music: tonefarmer

Audio: COLOR

Partner/Mixer: Kevin Halpin
Partner/Executive Producer: Jeff Rosner