Facebook’s Advertising Week Party is ‘Off the Record’ – Um, What?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Facebook in all its social media relevancy, is hosting a party during Advertising Week in NYC. Naturally, members of the press are welcome to RSVP, but word came out today that the event is “off the record.”

“For all press attending the Facebook’s GeneratioNext Wrap Party, please note that this will be an ‘off the record’ event.”


The same was true last year, as I recall, though no one told any of us. As I interviewed folks with my Flip cam, I recall being surrounded by various unknown people. The woman I was speaking with apparently worked with those folks and got really nervous, sort of like what you imagine happens when Scientologists try to break free by telling someone their woes only to be intimidated into silence by the religion’s arbiters.

But isn’t it sort of counter-intuitive for the preeminent social media company to have an off the record party? Will there be live sex shows? PRNewser’s Joe Ciarallo asks, “Does that mean no Facebook status updates from the event?”

ClickZ’s Ana Maria Virzi wrote about the silenced party as well, noting, “Does that mean we’re going to have to leave our camera phones at the door? That doesn’t seem very social.” Let’s not even get started on Twitter…

We heard MediaPost’s party writer Kelly Samardak was planning to attend. I guess this means she’ll just get to hang out, so there’s that.

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