Facebook Gets Creepier with ‘Breakup Notifier’

By Bob Marshall 

As the Huffington Post revealed yesterday, app developer Dan Loewenherz is using Facebook to increase the reach of stalker-friendly software by releasing the “Breakup Notifier,” which alerts users when their crush becomes single. Yes, Facebook found a way to get even creepier.

The Breakup Notifier is “free for now” according to its website, where users can download and implement the app into their social networking experience. All interested parties need to do is log onto Facebook with the app, choose the Facebook users who they’re interested in that are currently in a relationship, and then receive emails when their crushes breakup with their significant others. It’s pretty easy, and more importantly, it will more than likely be incredibly successful.


Loewnherz defended his latest invention to HuffPostTech in an email saying, “I hope that people use it for good and not evil–it’s merely practical. If you’re going to check someone’s profile every day, you might as well get rid of the tedium and have the changes get delivered right to your inbox instead.” Could this be the greatest/dumbest use of Facebook since the Social Media Sobriety Test? Only time will tell. Is this a giant leap in regard to internet laziness? Most definitely.