Exclusivo: Bulldog Drummond Picks Up Pinkberry

By Matt Van Hoven 

Spies unite! We’ve confirmed with fro-yo (that’s frozen yogurt) Pinkberry and Bulldog Drummond San Diego that the two are paired up for a collaboration station. Um, or you could say that BD won the PB biz.

But the rest of this story is a bit of a mystery. Our BD spy is out sick today, and the nice PB PR (heh, that’s almost PBR, and now I’m thirsty) lady didn’t answer any of our questions. For reals? Here’s what we want to know &#151 so do your thing, addies, and help us figure out the deets!

1. Which agency was previously responsible for Pinkberry’s advertising/strategy?

2. Which other agencies participated in the review, or if this wasn’t a review, which were vying for the business.

3. Hints about the work that was shown?

4. Currently, Pinkberry has 65 stores in New York and California, correct? Where can we expect to see other shops opening up?

5. Is Pinkberry’s interest in Bulldog Drummond’s services a reaction to the seemingly rampant misuse of the Pinkberry’s distinct style, as referenced by the recent lawsuit filed against 6 “imposter” fyo-yo shops?

This, according to said PR lady: “(BDSD) will be working alongside of our team to build a long-term brand strategy and innovations to help us further the successful and ongoing growth our business.”

Updates: We have learned that Ferroconcrete in LA previously worked on the Pinkberry account. We’ve yet to confirm how much of the business resided there, or if any is staying. Also, we were reminded that Bulldog Drummond is in San Diego, not LA. Changes have been made to the story accordingly.

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