Exclusive: Intel Jerks Around McCann And Others

By SuperSpy 

Intel Corp announced Wednesday that it expects lower sales than its original forecast citing “significantly weaker than expected demand in all geographies and market segments.” They also got some bad news when they found out that an AMD employee stole an estimated $1 billion in secrets while still on Intel’s payroll. Not good. Nope.

In the mean time, as we all know, McCann has the Intel account for creative. Universal McCann used to do media planning, but that portion of the account has shifted to OMD. Still, McCann is cranking out work for Intel including a partnership with Her Royal Highness, Oprah.

Intel recently came to McCann with some sort of side project, but asked their AOR to pitch on the account with two other shops. After the first round of creative was submitted, Intel put all of the work into testing where it currently resides. Who the other two shops are? No clue.

The very, very good CCO of McCann, Joyce King Thomas, (yes, I said something nice about McCann) will undoubtedly keep the project inside her company’s doors. Still, it’s interesting to see Intel shop around a little bit. Those profit numbers surely have something to do with it.

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