Exclusive: Cris Fortes Leaves Enfatico to “Pursue Other Interests”

By Matt Van Hoven 

Cris Fortes is the second officer at Enfatico to leave in recent days &#151 and the second we’re reporting on today.

Fortes, who started with the agency in June 2008 (according to LinkedIn), was the chief procurement officer. Per a source close to the matter, his last day was Friday, Oct. 3, and he has “left to pursue other interests”. Unquote.


Hmm, just a few posts down, SuperSpy reported that Gary Steele, a global transitions officer also left. Steele, you’ll recall, left for Arnold in Boston, and the mickey D’s account. His and Fortes’ departures beg the question: WTF is going on at Enfatico?

A representative from the agency did not return our e-mail by the time this story was published. But we hear they’re not supposed to talk to us &#151 didn’t realize that may include PR…

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