Ex-Arnold Folks Go Client Side, But Still Cater to ‘Ad Dudes’

By Kiran Aditham 

What happens when a bunch of Arnold alums decide to leave the agency world for the client side? Well, besides providing us with more Wednesday fodder, the answer is a paying gig developing spots like the one above for a company called LogMeIn, a Boston-based operation founded in 2003. Last year, LMI lured a few ex-Arnold creatives from its hometown including Paul Schauder, who spent five years at the agency and was a VP/CD on accounts including Radio Shack, Royal Caribbean and Babies R’ Us.

The amusing clip above promotes LogMeIn’s screen sharing app called join.me, which Schauder tells us is “perfect for designers and advertising dudes to use for collaboration or presenting.” We’ll let you be the judge of that, but in the meantime, here’s a national cable spot that you may or may not have seen and which promotes LogMeIn itself. One more clips and credits after the jump.

Director: Ben Zlotucha (Caviar Content)
CD: Paul Schauder
ACD-Writer: Laurie Asmus
ACD-Art Director: Chris Geraghty
Producer: Keith Dezen (Freelance)
Editor: Carl MacNeal (Editpod)
Sound Engineer/Composer: Mike Secher (Soundtrack)