Everywhere, Mustache

By Matt Van Hoven 

Yes everyone, this month is Movember, which means Mustache-vember. Dudes and unfortunate ladies everywhere can help celebrate their upper lips and lend a hand to various cancer-killing organizations. Arc Worldwide creative Tony Rogers even put this little ditty together and, I have to admit, it’s catchy. Though we should really pay homage to Jay Chandrasekhar (IMDB) for famously coining the phrase Rogers uses, in part.

Chandrasekhar says, as Officer Thorny, “Who wants a mustache ride?” Ha ha he means cunnilingus. Rogers’ song pays homage to the mustache ride, though I doubt ladies will swoon at the prospect of rubbing (what amounts to) a coarse brush over their down-theres. Also, Leo Furnett (I know).


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